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Pickup Multi Purpose 100%

Presentation of the Invention

Currently available double-cab pickup trucks are truly extraordinary. However, their original rear cargo area or bed has remained virtually unchanged for generations. The user has to adapt the bed to his specific requirements because as delivered from the factory, it is only adequate for a few purposes. Thus the user has to purchase additional parts such as canopies, toppers, tarpaulins, caps and cages, usually manufactured by a third party, often even homemade, which inevitably impose considerable limitations on their excellent high-performance vehicles.
Not only does the invention provide a permanent solution to this major issue, but it also frees up the true space potential in double-cab pickup trucks.

Two factory-built options for space configuration will be available to the user. Added to other features, they will include virtually the entire spectrum of requirements. It will be easy to switch from one option to another without the need for tools or additions.
The invention will also solve the major issue of pickup cargo security.
There will be a before and after regarding the implementation of this invention. Users will own a “100% multipurpose” vehicle that will meet all their needs.